Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pictures by Dana J

These pictures were taken of Gatlin when he was 3 weeks and 2 days old!

The butterfly in some of the pictures is the same one from Maxton's coffin. It is sort of a representation of him here on Earth and I am glad to have a picture that makes me think of my two boys playing together. :-) Thanks to Dana for these awesome pictures!

The things you love...

Gatlin is doing well! I meant to write a post at one month old (he is now 6 weeks old!) to tell of all the things he was doing, but of course, forgot and procrastinated. So... here goes...

Gatlin is growing like a weed. At his one month appt. he weighed 10lb 15oz.! He loves to swing... he even cries a little when he is ansy and wants to swing. At two and a half weeks old he started holding his head up really good! He likes to lay on mommy's chest and look up at her. When in his car seat, he also leans his head like he is looking up... but he is usually asleep! He LOVES to ride in his car seat. He gets really comfy and sleeps most of the time. When he is hungry he cries REALLY loud and it sounds like he is almost saying "hungry" because he says Uhnnnnn GEEE!!!! He smiles sometimes, but so far it's only when he has gas. :-) Right now his eyes are blue and his hair is red. He likes to be awake in the morning right after he eats and in the evening right before bed. Right now, he sleeps about 3 hours at a time per night... sometimes 4. At ten days old he shoved mommy's hand out of the way, and wanted to hold his own bottle... :-) I keep telling him that he is not grown up yet! He likes to suck on his thumb. He is out little super baby! :-)